Fridays for Future and Washington Youth Climate Strike inspire District 4 City Council candidate

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Seattle, WA — After joining local students for several “Fridays for Future” climate strikes, Cathy Tuttle, candidate for City Council District 4, calls for Seattle to declare a climate emergency. As an active community member addressing environmental and climate issues for nearly 30 years, Cathy is incorporating the Climate Emergency Declaration into her Seattle Green New Deal.

“The science is clear: we have 11 years to turn our society around and reduce our carbon footprint by 50%. If that doesn’t scream ‘emergency,’ I don’t know what does. I am inspired by youth rising into action. Our children will be our allies in making the big changes needed at every level of our society. Our children know their future depends on the decisions we make today. Seattle can and should lead on climate action, starting with a Climate Emergency Declaration. My Carbon Notes, which are like fiscal notes, are just a beginning as we take carbon emissions into account for every decision we make on the Council,” said Tuttle.

Cathy Tuttle raised her two children in the same District 4 home she has lived in for 35 years. Cathy has a long career as City Parks planner, project manager, and advocate, bringing a wide range of government, business, and community groups to the table, managing multimillion dollar budgets and complex schedules while delivering great projects for people. Cathy launched her campaign for District 4 City Council on March 1, 2019. A core part of her platform includes a Green New Deal for Seattle.

“Despite 17 years of promises from City Hall to act on the climate crisis, emissions in the city continue to rise,” said Fridays for Future organizers Joe Managan and Lydia Ringer in a joint statement. “City Hall has made the right promises: it has committed Seattle to the Paris Climate Accord and has promised to cut emissions in half by 2030. But with so little time left to act and with emissions still rising, now is the time to take bold climate action. Seattle City Council must declare a climate emergency and enact a local Green New Deal to ensure the security of life on Earth.”

Fridays for Future Seattle is a youth-operated movement calling on the Seattle City Council to declare a climate emergency and enact a local Green New Deal. Activists and organizers strike outside City Hall, at the corner of 4th and James, every Friday from 1:00 to 2:00PM to make their voices heard.

“Declaring a climate emergency is absolutely essential,” said Grace Lambert, co-lead of WA Youth Climate Strike. “Climate change is the biggest threat that the world is facing and this is the next step to confronting that and not ending up with the worst case scenario.”

Washington Youth Climate Strike is a state offshoot of the national US Youth Climate Strike movement. They have organized several strikes in Seattle with their allies, including the March 15th Youth Climate Strike at Cal Anderson Park and the May 3rd Youth Climate Strike at Seattle City Hall.

On May 1st, the United Kingdom became the first country in the world to declare “an environment and climate emergency,” garnering international attention. On May 10, 2019, Ireland became the second country. According to The Climate Mobilization, over 540 local governments have declared climate emergencies, including many cities in California and British Columbia.

Without a passionate climate advocate on Seattle’s City Council, the Climate Emergency Declaration has a hard path ahead. Cathy Tuttle’s commitment to the future of our neighborhoods, our city, and our planet is what District 4 and Seattle need, to keep the promises Seattle government has made to its residents.

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