Cathy is part of the Seattle Democracy Voucher program.
Our campaign is accountable to you!

Every registered voter in Seattle can donate Democracy Vouchers to the City Council candidate of their choice. Contribute $100 in vouchers to Cathy at no cost.

How to send your vouchers to Cathy:

Fill out your vouchers for Cathy Tuttle and sign them. Then mail your vouchers to the City of Seattle using the pre-addressed, prepaid envelope included in your voucher packet. Thank you!

If you can’t find your vouchers, no problem!

You can ask for Replacement Democracy Vouchers from the City of Seattle.

Or you can contact our campaign at and we can help.

Online Option:Submit your vouchers online using the City of Seattle’s website.

Did you know? Seattle is the first city in America to have Democracy Vouchers. Find out more about the Democracy Voucher program on the City of Seattle website.