• 46th District Democrats
  • Tom Rasmussen, Seattle City Councilmember (retired)
  • Richard Conlin, Seattle City Councilmember (retired)
  • Jerry Large, Seattle Times reporter (retired)
  • Alan Durning, Sightline director
  • Lee Bruch, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways
  • Janine Blaeloch, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways
  • Robin Randels, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways
  • Heather Trim
  • Ed Lazowska
  • Jake Weber, Wallingford
  • David Goldberg, Wallingford
  • Mary Heim, Wallingford
  • Henry Gordon, Wallingford
  • Kimberly Christensen, Wallingford
  • Arvia Morris, Wallingford
  • Jen Goldman, Bryant
  • Pat Gunn, Ravenna-Bryant
  • Inga Manskopf, Ravenna-Bryant
  • Laura Strauss, Ravenna
  • Jim Mathieu, Ravenna
  • Nancy Rivenburgh, Ravenna
  • Alan & Elizabeth Shaw, Eastlake
  • Merlin Rainwater, Madison Valley

“Cathy is a smart and dedicated advocate for a Seattle that works for all of us. She has the energy, commitment, and track record of accomplishment to effectively represent the people of her district, and the vision to see what must happen in order to solve our problems and create a sustainable future.”

-Richard Conlin, Seattle City Councilmember (retired)

“I’ve known Cathy for two decades. We met when our kids were in elementary school and our families have remained friends. 
Cathy is thoughtful, intelligent and one of the nicest people I know. She has a PhD in urban design and planning and has put her training to good use in her community service over the years. She’s pragmatic, a great listener, and a person of integrity who really wants to make a positive difference.”

-Jerry Large, Seattle Times reporter (retired)

“Cathy is someone sincere and someone who is committed to serving the people. You can’t beat that.”

-Greg Cummins, Real Change vendor

“I’ve known Cathy for 30 years. She has a track record of highly effective leadership and management on a range of important urban issues including parks and recreation, climate, and alternative transportation. Cathy is ‘Seattle to the core’ – she is what we need on the City Council.”

-Ed Lazowska, Seattle City community leader

“Cathy has walked-her-talk for years. She envisions a true 21st century Seattle and has established unusually effective community organizations. It’s time to bring her vision and collegial attitudes to City Hall.”

-Lee Bruch, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

“Cathy is the embodiment of what I want Seattle to be—-a massive, innovative brain at work combined with compassion, earth-mindedness, and brass-tacks pragmatism.”

-Janine Blaeloch, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

“Cathy is an effective advocate, well connected, and has the know-how to navigate our local city government without losing sight of the humanity she serves. She’s built parks and community centers, and grew a successful non-profit—Seattle Neighborhood Greenways—from the grass-roots up. Cathy is easy to work with and is willing to tackle the thorny issues that Seattleites currently face—homelessness, affordable housing, development without displacement, carbon emissions reduction, safe and convenient ways to move around our city—and has a plan to address each one. Cathy has a gift for bringing diverse voices to the table and listens and learns from those conversations. Cathy’s values align with mine: a city that puts people first with transportation access for all ages and abilities, sustainable practices that mitigate climate change, housing first, frequent, reliable, and rapid transit, and forward thinking policies like Vision Zero. I envision a city where the people who live there feel safe and happy going about their daily business. Electing Cathy Tuttle to the District 4 seat will help get us there. Please cast your vote for Cathy Tuttle on election day.”

-Robin Randels, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

Here’s an article in The Stranger about Cathy that I think touches on a lot of important things. I’ve known Cathy as a neighborhood activist (and the founder/leader of Sustainable Wallingford) and I’ve always been impressed by her ability to identify problems, research solutions, coalition build, and see things through. She’s a global-thinker and a problem-solver. Her two biggest priorities – the climate crisis and housing/homelessness – align with my immediate priorities for the city. And I know she is walking the walk on both, so she will come into the job with ideas and experience. She’s also even-keeled and pretty unflappable, which I think is so important for the city council.”

-Kimberly Christensen, Wallingford Community Member

“Cathy is the person in that race — and perhaps among all declared candidates citywide — whom I regard as most closely aligned with your values and possessing your capacity both to see the big picture and work hard to get the details right. I joined Cathy’s steering committee because she has impressed me as someone who sees the direct links from the steps we must take to avert and adapt to climate disaster to the strategies we must follow to become an even more livable city as we grow, while addressing the issues associated with income and social inequality. With deep roots in District 4, she is profoundly compassionate but hard-nosed in her use of data and best practices to find solutions. You well know her work in founding Seattle Neighborhood Greenways and making it a key player in shaping our transportation future. Beyond that, she has been engaged in planning and building a better, more equitable Seattle for decades, including riding herd over the neighborhood planning process in the 1990s. She’s an excellent communicator with a love for people and a great sense of humor — in other words, she has all the makings of a truly stellar Councilmember.”

-David Goldberg, Wallingford Community Member

“I have known Cathy since the early 2000’s when we educated ourselves and our neighbors about climate change.  Cathy was, as she is to this day, great at engaging people on the urgency of climate action. Her passion and interest has lead her more recently to collaborate with the city to establish Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, which provides more options for people to move around Seattle safely and sustainably, even as we face the challenges of rapid growth.  After studying all of the D4 candidates, I know Cathy is the only candidate that has the deep knowledge of the city government to implement programs that will be effective at addressing our climate and social justice challenges as Seattle adapts to even more growth in the coming years.  Cathy has the will and vision for a livable, sustainable and just Seattle of the future.”

-Arvia Morris, PhD, Wallingford Climate Activist

“She is a thoughtful person with a lot of common sense with a proven interest in improving the lives for people in Seattle.”

-Alan Shaw, Eastlake Community Member

“I’m a teacher and a mom, raising 3 kids in Bryant. I support Cathy for city council because she has already made Seattle a great place to live. My kids can bike to the library or meet neighbors at Play Street because of programs that Cathy has helped create. When there was a dangerous crosswalk in our neighborhood, Cathy helped us work with the city to make it safer. Her compassion, diplomacy, and spirit of environmental stewardship make Cathy Tuttle the best person to represent our community on city council. Cathy has a vision for a future city where I want my children to live, and she has the know-how to create it.”

-Jen Goldman, Bryant Community Member

“Of all the candidates, Cathy Tuttle’s experience and vision for how to make cities and neighborhoods more sustainable and livable for all is most in line with best practices found in cities that I have researched around the world.”

-Nancy Rivenburgh, PhD, UW Professor of Urban Communication & Ravenna Community Member