I have been active in the Seattle community and District 4 since the 1980s, when I started work on community justice and environmental issues. While finishing my PhD in urban design and planning at the University of Washington in the 90s, I volunteered with Richard Conlin in writing his sustainable communities report. I also staffed the Planning Commission and read all 37 neighborhood plans so I could help local people shape their hopes and ideas into practical built projects. I took another job working for the city at Seattle Parks, where I managed multi-million dollar budgets, led community meetings, and built teams of staff, artists, and consultants for 40 parks and community centers. Parks and streets, land use and transportation, sustainable communities, and public space continue to be my main area of policy expertise.

In 2011, I founded Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. The Greenways people-powered movement brings together hundreds of people in new community groups all over the city to make big changes. Our successes range from a citywide 20 MPH speed limit on all residential streets, increased access to a variety of transit options, and many local safe routes to schools.

The organizations I have built show me that we are so much better when we help each other. Together we can build a city that is socially just and environmentally sound. We can build a city where working parents make enough money to put food on the table and afford a place to live. We can build a city with a justice system that keeps us safe and helps people instead of shuffling more children and un-housed people into cages. We can build a city with public spaces that support healthy lives and help us to meet new people. Together, we can build a city where everyone has a home.

The next few years are a time when the decisions we make will dramatically shape our future and the future of new generations. I want to enjoy growing old in the city that I love. I want my children, and all of our children, to be able to choose to live happy, productive lives here too.

My job on the Seattle City Council will be to make reasoned, fact-based, and compassionate decisions on your behalf. I have the experience, and the desire, to include a variety of voices to help steward a more common sense, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable city. I am excited to hear your stories and thoughts about District 4 as I work to earn your support in the August primaries, in the November general election, and by serving as your City Council representative.