Cathy’s Priorities

Vision Zero Advocacy!

Climate Actions

Climate change is a problem I have been addressing for over 30 years. I will examine the climate change impacts of every city policy decision. The policies I support are those that will help mitigate the effects of climate change and build a strong, green Seattle. Read about my initial Green Seattle policies here.

Audit Seattle City carbon using “Carbon Notes” so we know the climate impact of every Seattle policy and action

  • Transportation policy: Quickly build out dedicated bus rapid transit, prioritize multimodal corridors, develop walkable neighborhoods, electrify City fleet, institute congestion pricing,.
  • Food and food waste: Source healthy local food, minimize packaging, recycle locally.
  • Green building: Net zero buildings, develop variances to support green building.
Climate Action NOW

Housing and Homelessness Actions

Set goals and benchmark what is working already. Gather and consistently review data to determine effective programs. Create more affordable housing, expand programs that effectively address homelessness, and implement new programs that prevent homelessness.

  • Public Health Triage: We need to provide and maintain the basics of health and life support to ALL people as we build permanent supportive housing: Waste, Porta-potties, Sharps containers, hand washing stations, food, temporary shelter.
  • Keep people in their homes: Keep families sheltered and intact, review rent policies, predict foreclosures and help with placement of vulnerable people.
  • Build more housing of all types for working class people: We need places in Seattle for teachers, retail employees, elderly, families, nurses, fire fighters. Minimize long commutes.


I support more housing of all types for all of our neighbors. Housing needs to be available in all shapes and sizes for all of our neighbors. People young and old need affordable places to live and to maintain social connections while our neighborhoods grow gracefully.

Safe Streets

I have worked for the past ten years to build streets in Seattle that are safe for people of all ages. Streets are how we get to work and to school, and how we connect to our neighborhoods and communities. I will continue to support safer streets for all people, whether they walk, take transit, bike, or drive.